воскресенье, 10 февраля 2008 г.

Lost's Fake and Freaky Gadget!

When a new gadget shows up on Lost, odds are that its presence is dubious at best. Those touchscreen satellite phones by the new other Others, Other-controlled ultrasound machines — if technology shows up on this island, you have good reason to be freaked out by it. I'm already scared of who the new foursome with those iPhone-lookalikes are contacting, and I think I have good reason to be: One of them is a ghostbuster! New character Miles has one of the scariest backstories in Lost history — he's some kind of a ghost-whisperer! Apparently spirit hunters like Miles need more than just their mind control though. He busted out this wacky ghost-busting gadget in a scene illustrating his talents:

Is anyone else thinking what I am? That this looks freakishly like the Dirt Devil I kept in my car in high school?!

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