пятница, 30 ноября 2007 г.

OLPC Foundation’s “Give One, Get One” Program Extended to Dec. 31

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Foundation’s “Give One, Get One” Program (G1G1), which enabled end users to get an XO-1 for themselves, while at the same time donating an XO-1, was originally scheduled to run from Nov. 12 - Nov. 26. The program has proven so popular, and the [...]

Website of the Day: How It Sucks

More times then not, websites provide you with both positive and negative product reviews. Do you ever find yourself sifting through the good reviews to find the bad? Let me guess . . . What you are really trying to find out is whether or not something sucks, right? Now there's a website called How It Sucks which ranks products on how much they suck (literally), based on their Amazon reviews. Discussed on The Consumerist, a red bar indicates how many negative reviews the product has received. In this case it was the Apple shuffle, which scored a doesn't really suck rating — phew!To learn how to post your favorite websites to our Website of the Day group,

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четверг, 29 ноября 2007 г.

Windows XP SP3 Shows Noticeable Speed Increase: Report

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
Last week I wrote that testers reported that Windows Vista SP1, at least in Release Candidate (RC) form, is still somewhat of a slowpoke. Devil Mountain Software, the testers, have run their same tests on Windows XP SP3’s RC, and in this case, they’ve seen a 10% speedup from XP [...]

Daily Tech Round Up — Apple's Third New York City Store Opens Dec. 7

  • Mark your calendars! Apple's new NYC store, located in the Meat Packing District, is set to open Dec. 7 — CrunchGear

  • Google Maps for Mobile launches a new "My Location" feature — Crave

  • Man found dead in Korea with an exploded cell phone battery in his pocket — Wired

  • Two televisions, one living room. Brian Lam of Gizmodo explains how this can work while keeping girlfriends happy in the process — Gizmodo

  • Did you know that we're giving away a new Zac Posen clutch and Samsung cell phone? Just comment to win! — geeksugar


среда, 28 ноября 2007 г.

China’s Online Users More Prone to Addiction; No!

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
In a study that produced a result that some would say “Duh!” to, China’s Internet users are much more dependent on the Web than U.S. users. However, it’s about more than just gaming.
A survey of more than 2,100 Internet users aged 16 to 25 years old in both countries [...]

Daily Tech Round Up — OK Go gets Outfitted in LED Jackets


  • Teamsugar user LilPeaPod shares a geeky secret about the pop band OK Go—they are getting sport LED jackets for their next tour! — Technology and Gadgets Channel

  • Rock Band fans rocked out a little too much over the Thanksgiving weekend and ended up getting an eviction notice — Chip Chick

  • The Shins can't decide whether they want you to buy a Zune or an iPhone since they are featured in commercials for both — GigaOM

  • Hackers hijack Al Gore's blog to secretly drive traffic to their own websites — Switched

  • If you want to liberate your printer, check out Apartment Therapy's top ten ways to rid your computer of wires — Apartment Therapy

  • Did you know geeksugar is giving away a new Zac Posen clutch and Samsung cell phone? Just comment to win! — geeksugar

вторник, 27 ноября 2007 г.

HD-DVD Version of Star Trek: Better Looking, But Just as Corny

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
Remember when George Lucas digitally remastered the original Star Wars trilogy? He said it was to “finish the film the way it was meant to be.” Most of the changes were cosmetic, enhancing the films with special effects that were not available when the films were first made. [...]

Daily Tech Round Up — The TiVo Finally Heads North


  • Just in time for the holidays, TiVo officially launches in Canada — Engadget

  • Wondering if the Kindle is really that great? Check out the entire e-book comparison list — Wired

  • Black Friday may be over but did you know you can also score some sweet deals on Cyber Monday? — Gizmodo

  • If you need some help shopping for a home theater, Switched offers some great tips and suggestions — Switched

  • ABC and Facebook team up to bring viewers closer to all the political coverage — The New York Times

понедельник, 26 ноября 2007 г.

U.K. Government Loses Data of 7.5 Million Families

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
The Child Benefit is a payment made British families with children under 16. It’s sort of like a tax rebate. Unfortunately for anyone receiving the Child Benefit, the government has managed to lose the data for all families receiving it, putting their addresses, personal info, and banking info [...]

Cell Phones Seem Cheaper, But Are You Paying More?

The 8G iPhone went on the market for $599 and was slashed down to $399 just a few months later. It's a trend that is more than common in the tech world — it's expected. Despite the lower cost (or quick price drop) of cell phones, people are still dishing out loads of cash for the hottest device.

According to new data from the NPD Group, people are actually spending more on cellphones than a year ago. Americans spent a total of $3.2 billion on phones this year, up from $2.2 billion a year earlier. The phone cost this year is about $82.8, up 40 percent from $58.95 a year ago. The thing is, it's not just the actual phone consumers are paying for — we are also paying for all the added goodies. The New York Times reports:

"Half the phones sold in the period could play MP3 music files, compared to one quarter a year ago. Bluetooth capability was on 72 percent of phones sold, compared to 50 percent a year ago. And 11 percent were those digital Swiss Army knives called smartphones, up from only 4 percent a year ago."

I am guilty of buying in to the latest devices and services regardless of price so the trend of paying more seems like a no brainer. What do you think?


воскресенье, 25 ноября 2007 г.

Happy Birthday to the Nintendo Wii

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
I’ll bet you all forgot about this; November 19th the Nintendo Wii is one year old. And despite the fact that we all made fun of it when we found out it’s name (come on, come on admit it; I for one, will admit it) it’s been the most successful [...]

Guess the Tech Talker

One of the following guys recently Googled himself—sure, like he doesn't do it every day! This is what he had to say about his search experience: "I went on the Internet today, and I Googled myself. And I had to kinda put it all together at once to realize, at the end of it all, I’m kind of a douche bag. I’m kind of sick of myself. I’m a little insufferable. I want to apologize at the Internet world at large."Any idea who it is? Scroll down and click "take the quiz" to leave your answer!


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суббота, 24 ноября 2007 г.

Nintendo Releases the Wii Zapper

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
One of the best elements of the Nintendo Wii is the unique set of controllers. Not only that, there have been aftermarket attachments that turn the controller into a more-realistic racker, for example. Today Nintendo released the Zapper, a controller shell for both the Nunchuk and Wii [...]

Guess Who Is Checking Out Her Brother's iPhone?

I've spotted this famous celeb with an iPhone before, so I know this isn't her first tutorial on its impressive features. Looks like her brother is just showing her a few of his pics from his extensive photo album. He has definitely got his iPhone navigation skills down to a science! Any idea who it is? Scroll down to leave your answer!

Guess Who Is Checking Out Her Brother's iPhone?

пятница, 23 ноября 2007 г.

New Zunes in Short Supply

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
The latest piece of electronics that’s in short supply isn’t an iPod or an iPhone, or a console like a PS3 or a Wii. It’s — no kidding — the new Zune, specifically the 80 GB model.
While Web retailers have 4 GB and 8 GB versions of the second-generation Zunes [...]

USB Christmas Cake: Geekish or Freakish?

Isn't it freakish enough to have a wedding cake covered with strawberries and a Christmas wreath? Add in four USB ports and you've got yourself a classy USB Christmas Cake. In total, this interesting masterpiece offers 1GB of memory and you guessed — it is only available in Japan. How perfect would this cake be for a regift party, or a gag gift for a boss or coworker? Featured on New Launches, this scrumptious cake retails for $455. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. Having said that, geekish or freakish?

четверг, 22 ноября 2007 г.

Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate Goes Out to Testers

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
Microsoft probably can’t wait to get Windows Vista Service Pack 1 out the door, as many corporations will not adope the new OS until SP1 is released. To that end, Microsoft has delivered a release candidate of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 to some 15,000 invitation-only testers, while at [...]

geeksugar's Gift Guide: Great Gadgets for Grandmas

So my grandma may not be up on the latest gadgets and trends, but what I do know is that she loves things that are fun, easy to use, and involve her grandchildren.

I've created a list below of some of my favorite grandma-friendly gadgets including the Canon Color Printer, which can print pictures in less than a minute with the touch of a button — no computer required. And one of my personal faves, the Ceiva digital-photo frame, which allows you to display new photos to a frame everyday automatically for only $7 per month, no matter where you are in the world. How cool is that?

Happen to miss one of geeksugar's gift guides? Check out the entire list to date!


среда, 21 ноября 2007 г.

Best Buy’s Definition of “Last” Differs from Ours

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
We all know that the Nintendo Wii is in short supply, and Nintendo has even warned of shortages this holiday season. Or is it really that scarce? An alert customer at the Princeton, New Jersey Best Buy watched some strange goings-on.
I was standing near the back of the store [...]

Daily Tech - Henri Bendel to Open a Holiday Gadget Pop-Up Store

  • Henri Bendel teams up with Popgadget to sell gadgets in the Manhattan store — Crave

  • Top ten holiday gift ideas from Apartment Therapy — Apartment Therapy

  • Apple's black friday ad goes up — MacRumors

  • MySpace is getting ready for a major facelift — Switched

  • New Apple store opening in San Francisco this Friday — Cult of Mac

  • The video recording of Super Mario Galaxy's "Gusty Garden" Theme — Boing Boing


вторник, 20 ноября 2007 г.

Rhapsody, Wendy’s Team for 100,000,000 Free Songs

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
Wendy’s and Rhapsody are joining forces to give away one hundred million songs. Of course, it’s not totally free. You have to buy some fast food to get it. And you’ve only got until the end of December.
With the purchase of any Wendy’s medium- and large-sized combo meal through December, consumers [...]

Daily Tech - The Amazon Kindle eBook Reader Is Here


  • The Amazon Kindle costs $399 (includes free 2 day shipping) and offers access to 88,000 books — Engadget

  • Singapore bans a video game for same sex alien make-out scene — Switched

  • T-Mobile and Motorola temporarily pull the new Sidekick after confirming a power defect — Crave

  • The first OSX Leopard update is now available — Apartment Therapy

  • AT&T gets LG Vu, Sony Ericsson K850, and iPhone business edition? — The Boy Genius Report

понедельник, 19 ноября 2007 г.

Surprise! Virtual Keyboards on iPhones Have Higher Text Entry Error Rate: Study

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
When I first wrote about this subject, I received some flak from people who said the study was flawed because the participants in the study had only one week of use with the phone. The initial study was also limited to 10 users. User Centric, Inc., who ran the [...]

Drew Carey Compares New Phones to Sex

Comedian and new host of The Price is Right Drew Carey graces the cover of this Sunday’s special technology issue of PARADE, where he reveals he loves his iPhone and compares getting a new phone to getting connected physically. Here's more:

"Getting a new phone is like having sex for the first time: You figure it out and then spend the rest of the evening just playing around. Hey, I can do this and I can do that. Let me show you again. Look how great this is. I’m obsessed with my iPhone. I love being able to whip it out and show people pictures.”

Carey says that technology has even improved his love life, a claim Justin Timberlake also made earlier this year. Apparently, when he and his fiancée are in different cities, they go on dates in Second Life. “We could just talk on the phone, but we meet online instead,” he says. “It’s fun.”

Drew Carey Compares New Phones to Sex

Comedian and new host of The Price is Right Drew Carey graces the cover of this Sunday’s special technology issue of PARADE, where he reveals he loves his iPhone and compares getting a new phone to getting connected physically. Here's more:

"Getting a new phone is like having sex for the first time: You figure it out and then spend the rest of the evening just playing around. Hey, I can do this and I can do that. Let me show you again. Look how great this is. I’m obsessed with my iPhone. I love being able to whip it out and show people pictures.”

Carey says that technology has even improved his love life, a claim Justin Timberlake also made earlier this year. Apparently, when he and his fiancée are in different cities, they go on dates in Second Life. “We could just talk on the phone, but we meet online instead,” he says. “It’s fun.”

воскресенье, 18 ноября 2007 г.

Bookeen Cybook Gen3 Brings Books to the 21st Century

By Martin Regtien
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews

In this preview Paul Moons says: The Cybook is an portable reading device based on E Ink® Corporation’s low power electronic display technology.  The Cybook features a 6″ black and white screen with paper-like contrast making it reliable in most lighting conditions.
With a small footprint, 8,000 page flips on a single [...]

Guess Which One of These Guys Is a Nintendo Superstar?

Back in the day, this famous bad boy submitted a picture to the Nintendo Fun Club News magazine to prove that he had managed to beat the final character Great Puma in Pro Wrestling. In the February-March 1988 issue of this mag, this guy (who was only nine at the time) had his name included in the highest scores section. And people say he's not talented....Scroll down and click "take the quiz to guess who it is!Source

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суббота, 17 ноября 2007 г.

Library of Alexandria to Host Wikipedia’s Annual Conference in 2008

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
How appropriate! The Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt, was once the largest library in the world. In the summer of 2008 it will play host to the Wikimania conference.
The 2008 Wikimania event will be the Wikimedia Foundation’s fourth annual conference. The event brings together international contributors from various [...]

Free Wi-Fi Access Coming to Midtown Manhattan

As the free WiFi issue hits voter ballots in San Francisco, other cities are already jumping on board. According to The Boy Genius Report, CBS has just announced its plans to offer free WiFi access in midtown Manhattan. The "CBS Mobile Zone" will cover a rectangular space from Times Square to Central Park and between 6th and 8th Avenues.

CBS will be installing its own routers to blanket Manhattan with internet coverage—something both residents and visitors will greatly benefit from. Sound too good to be true? CBS will be showing ads to go along with the free WiFi. In my opinion, a small price to pay for free net access in the busiest part of NYC.


пятница, 16 ноября 2007 г.

Amazon.com “Customers Vote” Sale to Return

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
You may recall that last year Amazon.com ran a promotion called “Customers Vote” in which customers voted on the discounts they would like to receive for particular products. Besides being wildly successful for Amazon.com, consumers got a chance at ridiculous deals (which sold out in minutes), like an Xbox [...]

Daily Tech: Black Friday Roundup

  • Quick Feed: Black Friday and Other Deals — Techie Diva

  • Colorful mini apple MP3 players — Popgadget

  • Our favorite celebrity gadget ads — Switched

  • Yay or Nay? Teenager gets arrested for stealing virtual property — Shiny Shiny

  • Good Question: Norton vs. McAfee? — Apartment Therapy

  • Messages from iPhones have more typos — Cult of Mac

  • iJustine dumping Justin.tv for single life? - Valleywag


четверг, 15 ноября 2007 г.

Melody Road - a Road That Plays a Tune (Sorta)

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
Only in Japan, right? Have you ever driven over a road that has grooves in it, such that you get a (usually nasty) resonance and vibration? That’s often done to make sure you don’t drive off the edge of an offramp or some other similar “hazard.” Well, [...]

Daily Tech: $55,000 Remote Control!

  • $55,000 remote control has gold instead of features — Gizmodo

  • 82 percent of Americans own cell phones — Switched

  • Vintage Vuitton marries modern mechanized for USB device — Techie Diva

  • Compute your way to better health — Crave

  • Geek Chic of the Week: LED wristbands — Shiny Shiny

среда, 14 ноября 2007 г.

Malware Distributor Faces 60 Years

By Jimmy Daniels
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews
John Schiefer, a computer security consultant for 3G Communications who went by the names Acid and Acidstorm online, faces 60 years in jail and a fine of $1.75 million. Schiefer and his cohorts, who have not been charged yet, collected over 250,000 computers into botnets and sometimes controlled them from work.
John [...]

Website of the Day: Free Rice

'Tis the season of giving thanks and giving back, so it only seems appropriate that the site FreeRice has been getting a great deal of attention. The site's goals are twofold: Provide English vocabulary lessons for free and help end world hunger by providing free rice to hungry people.

The site is a definition game, offering you multiple definition choices for a given word and asking you to click on the answer that best defines the word. If you get it right, you get a harder word. If you get it wrong, the next word is easier. For each correct answer, Free Rice donates ten grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.

To learn how to post your favorite websites to our Website of the Day group,

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вторник, 13 ноября 2007 г.

“StupidFilter” Project Hopes to Reduce Internet Idiocy

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
Comment spam on blogs is one thing, but comment idiocy, that’s another. Sometimes the posts are so convoluted you can’t make them out at all, and you wonder what the person was “on” when they were posting.
The StupidFilter Project hopes to remedy this. The idea is just before [...]

Camera Earrings: Totally Geeky or Geek Chic?

It's officially the age of the photography nerd. With digital cameras getting less expensive and the popularity of online photo communities like Flickr and Radar, it seems everyone I know has become a camera fanatic. Whether you spend all your time searching photography tips online, or you just admire a good old-fashioned 35mm, you have to admit these camera earrings from Etsy, $4, are pretty geek chic! It looks like they are actually hand painted.

понедельник, 12 ноября 2007 г.

HP to Leave Digital Camera Market

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
HP has decided to exit the digital camera market. It is looking to find an OEM partner to produce HP-branded cameras, but will no longer produce its own after the first half of 2008.

Three years ago, Hewlett-Packard announced it would revamp its digital camera lineup and invest $1 billion [...]

Weekly Recap: Google, Gossip Girl and Geekery

  • I was checking out the Gossip Girl website in preparation for Wednesday's episode, and I realized it's all decked out with gadgets and gizmos from the show. Seriously, have you ever seen so much product placement?

  • How low would you go for your cell...literally?! A woman decided she just couldn't bear the idea of parting with her phone, even if it meant taking a head first dive into an outhouse—pee eww!

  • Earlier this week a New York City man saw the woman of his dreams on the subway and went home and created the aptly named NY Girl of My Dreams webpage. It might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  • There's a stereotype that geeks survive on caffeinated candy, soda and even soap, so it's no shocker that Thinkgeek is selling a Caffeine Molecule Necklace. My question: Is it geek chic?

  • Did you watch Oprah on Tuesday to check out the official launching of her own YouTube channel? Oprah talked about the Flip Ultra Video Cam, which you know I've been loving for months.

  • A friend of mine spotted this Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe Tee shirt on the street recently, prompting the question: Have you been studying art as closely as you've been studying gaming cheat sheets?

  • I caught up with Crunchgear freelance writer Peter Ha and exposed his geek chic side in an interview!

  • Google quelled rumors of a Gphone and announced an Open Handset Alliance and Android, an open platform for cell phones that includes an operating system, user-interface and applications.

воскресенье, 11 ноября 2007 г.

Yoggie Pico: Personal Security Appliance Reviewed

By Martin Regtien
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews

Our verdict is in: Great concept but implementation leaves much to be desired.
Keving Cheng, our specialist reviewer, says: A short while ago, we previewed the Yoggie Pico here. Thanks to the good folks over at Yoggie, we now bring you the review of the Yoggie Pico Personal Edition.
Did this device live [...]

Simple Cell Tips That Can't Be Missed

We may have to wait until 2008 to test out Google's newly announced Android — an open platform for cell phones that includes an operating system, user-interface and applications that promise to make cell phone usage easier — but we can make use of our cell phones' many features in the mean time.

The easiest way to get the best out of your cell is to take care of it and play around with all of its functions. It's not just a texting, call making device, it's an attention worthy gadget. Follow these tips to a more connected life:

  • Use Your Alarm!

  • Be a Text Message Champ

  • Protect Your Phone From Damage

  • Get Help on the Go!

  • Get Your Del.icio.us Bookmarks On Your Cell

суббота, 10 ноября 2007 г.

Mass Production for the OLPC Begins

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
It’s been a long, long road, but mass production of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Foundation’s XO-1 laptop has finally begun. In a press release email I received, the OLPC Foundation stated that early Tuesday (local time), Taiwan’s Quanta Computer started producing the XO-1 in its new Changshu manufacturing [...]

Get Your Game On: November Releases

Hopefully in the midst of sorting through your must-have list for November and preparing for your annual Thanksgiving feast, you have also been gearing up for a feast of a different kind. The kind that involves the return of a certain plumber, a large helping of a new band, a serving of an interstellar society, and a side order of a pimped-out race car. It's November friends, and that means gorging yourselves for the next month on some of the hottest games to hit the market all year. Please, please—help yourselves!

New Video Game Releases (November 2007)
GameWhy You'll Love ItConsole/PriceRelease Date
Super Mario Galaxy — Bowser is at it again and this time has taken Princess Peach's entire castle into space! With the help of Princess Rosalina, Mario must venture out into new worlds to save Peach. Nintendo Wii, $49.99Out Nov. 12. Order online.
Rock Band — Were not talking just a guitar here. Were talking guitar, drums, bass, and a mic for the ultimate band experience. Online action lets you compete against other bands, post band photos, blogs, and bios. You better start getting your band together now, cause there's sure to be a lot of competition out there. Now just to settle on a name.... Playstation 3, Xbox 360 $59.99 for the game, $169.00 for the bundleRockin Out Nov. 20
Mass Effect — One of the most anticipated games of the year. Incredibly customizable, this role playing game thrusts you into an emotional battle with many species of aliens while trying to maintain the trust and respect of your crew. With you at the helm, you must help save human kind from a force that is hell bent on destroying a colony called Eden. Developed as a trilogy, plan on investing in this one for the long haul.Xbox 360, $59.99 Coming Nov. 20
Mario and Sonic at the Olympics — With games like fencing, archery, shooting, gymnastics, swimming, and table tennis, this multiplayer game is sure to have you and your pals squaring off for hours. A great game to get the family together after Thanksgiving dinner to work off all that turkey and stuffing!Nintendo Wii, $49.99Out now. Buy it.
Need for Speed: Pro Street — Lots of challenges, lots of cars, and – most of all — lots of speed. With all the custom options you can get on your brand new 2009 Nissan GT-R, you may want to take those turns a little slower so you don't scratch up your killer paint job. Or on second thought, maybe not. Xbox 360, Playstation 3 $59.99 and Playstation 2, $29.99Out Nov. 14
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 — In this around-the-world installment, RRR2 is packed with 50 minigames in single or multiplayer mode. One game that brings back thoughts of the playground has you out-burping your opponents and causing damage to their surroundings. Let the games begin! Nintendo Wii, $49.99 and DS, $29.99 Out Nov. 13

Tune in later this month for geekalicious reviews of Super Mario Galaxy and Rock Band! Want more games now? Check out past game releases.

пятница, 9 ноября 2007 г.

Free Downloaders (Freeloaders?) of Radiohead Album Number 62%

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
When Radiohead announced that the price of downloads of its new album In Rainbows would be “up to you,” I was wondering how many would download for free. Apparently, most people … by a wide margin.
Today comScore released a study of download sales for the album, and it showed that [...]

Caffeine Molecule Necklace: Totally Geeky or Geek Chic?

There's a stereotype that geeks survive on caffeinated candy, soda and even soap, so it's no shocker that Thinkgeek is selling a Caffeine Molecule Necklace, $85. The piece was designed by a Ph.D. post-grad in molecular biophysics and is 1.5 inches wide. I find it harsh, cold and far too scientific. Would you wear it?

четверг, 8 ноября 2007 г.

Wikipedia’s Annual Fund Drive Reaches 10,000 Donations

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
It’s time for the Wikimedia Foundation’s annual fund drive. Wikimedia is the nonprofit organization that runs Wikipedia. According to a press release emailed to me, the drive reached its 10,000 donor after only 9 days, with the 10,000th donation being from a user in Finland, who donated 10 Euros at [...]

Daily Tech - What The Next iPhone Won't Have

  • Your iPhone dreams are not going to be answered - Wired

  • Mass production for XO laptops finally started - Crave

  • Google Maps coming to gas pumps - Switched

  • Microsoft confirms new Xbox 360 parenting tools - Switched

  • The retro red rotary phone that accepts SIM cards - Apartment Therapy

среда, 7 ноября 2007 г.

Google to Unveil ‘Android’ platform for Mobile Phones

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
Rumors about the gPhone, whether it be an actual phone or a platform, have been rampant for months. Now sources say Google will hold a press conference tomorrow to reveal what’s really up.
The company is expected to hold a press conference on Monday to unveil the project, which is expected [...]

The Versatile Ality Pixxa 8-Inch LCD Photo Frame

Next week kicks off my 2007 Holiday Gift Guides, which will run until Christmas and showcase detailed gadget gift guides for friends, family members and hard to buy for peeps.

I couldn't think of a better way to get the ball rolling then with a chic digital photo frame.

Geek geared by TeamSugar user Country Betty, this Atility frame includes 512MB of memory, can be viewed from landscape or portrait orientation and holds about 100 photos. There is also an alarm clock, a two-channel speaker to add music and a calendar function for scheduling the display of selected photos on certain days.

Definitely the perfect all-in-one frame! Priced at $300 each.

вторник, 6 ноября 2007 г.

“One Laptop per Child” Foundation Names Masi Oka Global Ambassador

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
Today, perhaps wanting to take the shine off the release of the Asus Eee PC , the One Laptop per Child or OLPC Foundation announced that Masi Oka, one of the stars of the hit NBC show Heroes, has been named their global ambassador.
The OLPC’s laptop, the XO-1, has recently [...]

Daily Tech - Hilarious SNL Re-Make of the iPhone Commercial

  • NBC's Saturday Night Live puts the 'on' back in iPhone - TeamSugar

  • The US government could start reading emails? What?! - Switched

  • The new BlackBerry Pearl 8120 gets reviewed - Shiny Shiny

  • Google's gPhone Open Handset Alliance conference call - Gizmodo

  • Macintosh Cataloging Program creates a virtual library - Crave

понедельник, 5 ноября 2007 г.

Kmart Drops Blu-Ray Over Price

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
As HD-DVD players have dropped below $200, Blu-ray is starting the feel the pressure. In one such move, Kmart has decided to drop Blu-ray players from its stores, mostly because of pricing.
Of course, Kmart will continue to sell the Playstation 3, which includes a Blu-ray player.
Wal-Mart and Circuit City are [...]

Geek Quiz: Week of 10/28/2007

Ghosts, goblins and pumpkins ruled the site this week, as we celebrated the geeky side of Halloween and offered easy tips to taking great costume pics.

We also offered our Must Haves for November, which include the Cosmo Pink 32" Bravia series, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and the Silicone cell phone case that Jessica and Cameron use.

Were you playing close attention to other things going on on the site? Take our recap quiz and find out!

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воскресенье, 4 ноября 2007 г.

Virtual Sex Toys Lead to Real-Life Lawsuit

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
I’ve said before this country is overly litigious, but in this case virtual sex toys have some real-life monetary value — and are intellectual property — thus, the lawsuit. Despite the reality of the legal issues, the case still has some humorous qualities.
The case is Eros vs. Simon. Eros [...]

Website of the Day: SU Periodic Table

The most extreme grown up geeks I know were also geeks growing up. You know the kind of kids that have always loved science classes, mathematics and of course, periodic tables. I thought of them when I found SU Periodic Table, a site that has replaced all the elements with photographs of the letters that represent each element.

The creators encourage readers to photograph street signs, graffiti, car registration plates or street art and share the letter photographs. For example: NI — representing Nickel, comes from a sign for the uNIversity parks, or ES — representing Einsteinium — from No CyclES. All I know is, it's a lot prettier than the Periodic Table in my high school chemistry class.

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суббота, 3 ноября 2007 г.

Uruguay Makes First Official OLPC Order

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
The OLPC Foundation has garnered a lot of interest, but not a lot of orders. In fact, today a country placed the first real order for the XO-1.

The first official order for the so-called “$100 laptop” has been placed by the government of Uruguay.
The South American country has bought 100,000 [...]

USB Desk Vacuum Cleaner: So Hot Right Now?

So this mini vacuum which I spotted on 7 Gadgets may not be something you'd find in Barbie's dreamhouse, but it does encompass pure retro beauty all-around.

From the old-school design, right down to the beige and brown, you can't help but love it! Rather than trying to convince you of its natural beauty, I'll give you three reasons why it's one of the ultimate desk accessories.

  1. You can sit it right on your desk for quick crumb and dust clean-ups.

  2. It is USB friendly. Just plug it in and vroom vroom—away you go!

  3. It can act as your personal conversation starter. Say good-bye to awkward silences!

The USB Desk Vacuum Cleaner costs $34. Now it's time to reveal your hot or not verdict. Don't knock it till you try it!

пятница, 2 ноября 2007 г.

Boston Acoustics MicroSystem CD/Clock Radio

By Martin Regtien
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews

Boston Acoustics claims that its unit produces, “big, rich sound you never thought possible in a system this size,” and by looking at it, there’s definitely a hint of audiophile to it.
Spec wise, the MicroSystem CD is impressive, with three auxiliary inputs, 24 radio presets, slot loading CD [...]

Geek Tip: The 25 Ultimate Gamer Vacations

I can't say I've ever been on a gamer vacation, even though I'm usually a "geek on vacation" on any trip. Nevertheless, for those of you who are ultimate gamers and need a fun getaway, Travelhacker compiled a list of some of the best cities, expos and conventions that are guaranteed to satisfy any gamer. Here are a few of my faves:

  • Akihabara, Tokyo — The city of lights, electronics and gadgets galore, Akihabara is known as the "Gamer's Mecca"—being a hot spot for all things techie.

  • World Cyber Games — The World Cyber Games is an international e-sports festival where more than one million visitors come every year. Gamers from all over the world participate in gaming competitions.

  • Fan Expo Canada — Held in Toronto each year, the Fan Expo Canada covers everything from sci-fi, comic book, anime, horror, and gaming genres. Previously named "The Canadian National Comic Book Expo," it is now the largest pop culture convention in Canada.

Check out the full list for more geeky vacation ideas.


четверг, 1 ноября 2007 г.

High-Def “Last Supper” Goes Online

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews
My wife is deathly — I mean deathly — afraid of flying. So afraid that a 50 minute flight to L.A. sends her into a panic. Thus, I will probably never get to Milan to see “The Last Supper” in real-life at the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. If you [...]

Geek Tip: Take Great Halloween Pics

Taking great Halloween pictures may be easier than you think. Sure, you have to worry about lighting, making fake blood look real and hiding the fact that the kids can see through your best friend's "nurse costume," but that doesn't mean you can't get great pictures. Digital Photography School has put together a great list of tips that are sure to turn any silly fool into a terrifying ghoul. My favorite tips include:

  • Candid Photos: Halloween parties and gatherings abide by the same photo principles as birthday parties. Make sure to play with light, choose fun angles and catch your subjects in unsuspecting moments.

  • Group Photos: Sure it's fun to remember what you or your kids dressed up as for Halloween, but it's even more fun to see what the whole trick or treating bunch dressed up as. Make sure to get kids (and kids at heart) to pose in funny arrangements and really express the character they are dressed up as.

  • Defuse Your Flash: According to the Digital Photography School, you should "defuse the flash on your camera with colored cellophane to try to lesson its impact upon your shot and also to give the light it produces a glow that might add to your shots - Red might be a good color to try."