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Get Your Game On: November Releases

Hopefully in the midst of sorting through your must-have list for November and preparing for your annual Thanksgiving feast, you have also been gearing up for a feast of a different kind. The kind that involves the return of a certain plumber, a large helping of a new band, a serving of an interstellar society, and a side order of a pimped-out race car. It's November friends, and that means gorging yourselves for the next month on some of the hottest games to hit the market all year. Please, please—help yourselves!

New Video Game Releases (November 2007)
GameWhy You'll Love ItConsole/PriceRelease Date
Super Mario Galaxy — Bowser is at it again and this time has taken Princess Peach's entire castle into space! With the help of Princess Rosalina, Mario must venture out into new worlds to save Peach. Nintendo Wii, $49.99Out Nov. 12. Order online.
Rock Band — Were not talking just a guitar here. Were talking guitar, drums, bass, and a mic for the ultimate band experience. Online action lets you compete against other bands, post band photos, blogs, and bios. You better start getting your band together now, cause there's sure to be a lot of competition out there. Now just to settle on a name.... Playstation 3, Xbox 360 $59.99 for the game, $169.00 for the bundleRockin Out Nov. 20
Mass Effect — One of the most anticipated games of the year. Incredibly customizable, this role playing game thrusts you into an emotional battle with many species of aliens while trying to maintain the trust and respect of your crew. With you at the helm, you must help save human kind from a force that is hell bent on destroying a colony called Eden. Developed as a trilogy, plan on investing in this one for the long haul.Xbox 360, $59.99 Coming Nov. 20
Mario and Sonic at the Olympics — With games like fencing, archery, shooting, gymnastics, swimming, and table tennis, this multiplayer game is sure to have you and your pals squaring off for hours. A great game to get the family together after Thanksgiving dinner to work off all that turkey and stuffing!Nintendo Wii, $49.99Out now. Buy it.
Need for Speed: Pro Street — Lots of challenges, lots of cars, and – most of all — lots of speed. With all the custom options you can get on your brand new 2009 Nissan GT-R, you may want to take those turns a little slower so you don't scratch up your killer paint job. Or on second thought, maybe not. Xbox 360, Playstation 3 $59.99 and Playstation 2, $29.99Out Nov. 14
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 — In this around-the-world installment, RRR2 is packed with 50 minigames in single or multiplayer mode. One game that brings back thoughts of the playground has you out-burping your opponents and causing damage to their surroundings. Let the games begin! Nintendo Wii, $49.99 and DS, $29.99 Out Nov. 13

Tune in later this month for geekalicious reviews of Super Mario Galaxy and Rock Band! Want more games now? Check out past game releases.

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