понедельник, 31 марта 2008 г.

Windows XP SP3: No, Really, It’s Not Ready

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
Rumor was that Microsoft was set to release Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) this week, but that’s obviously not going to happen. Tuesday Microsoft announced another refresh of the software, a Release Candidate 2 (RC2) refresh (what, not RC3?).
As before, you have to use an application to enable Windows Update [...]

Microsoft's New Parental Street Cred Videos . . .

Microsoft has just come out with a series of new Xbox 360 video ads called "Parental Street Cred" which I hate to say, don't exactly achieve their goal of making the Xbox seem like a fun "family-friendly" device. Is this video targeted to kids? Or maybe the parents? Check out one of the videos below and let me know if it confuses you as well!

воскресенье, 30 марта 2008 г.

Sony “Sort Of” Removes “No Bloatware” Fee

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
You may recall that Jimmy earlier wrote about Sony’s $50 charge for its “no bloatware” Fresh Start Option. They’ve since, after an explosion of bad publicity, rescinded that fee. I personally felt that since, in order to get the “Fresh Start” option and no bloatware, you had to select [...]

Tata Xenon displayed at the Bangkok Motor Show

Tata Xenon displayed at the Bangkok Motor Show
Tata Motors is now entering into the Thailand market as the company displayed their new product named Xenon at the Bangkok Motor Show.
The company also announced the launch of their operations in this country.
They are aiming to challenge the existing players in the market with their competitively priced [...]

The Clocky: Now Available in Chrome

The Clocky alarm clock we all love and yet love to hate is back in a shiny new chrome design that is sure to scare the bejeezus out of anyone when it goes off in the morning.

This fun clock by Nanda costs $65, although you can still pick up an older style in red, white, coco, or aqua for $50. It's seriously the perfect gift for those who can't seem to get out of bed since they'll have to get up just to make Clocky stop from rolling around!

суббота, 29 марта 2008 г.

Student No Longer Faces Expulsion for “Facebook Study Group”

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
You may recall that Chris Avenir, a first-year chemical engineering student at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, faced expulsion after it came to light that he had created a Facebook-based chemistry study group.
The study group, called “Dungeons/Mastering Chemistry Solutions,” after a campus-based engineering study group called “The Dungeon,” attracted the attention of [...]

Daily Tech: The BlackBerry 9000 Surfaces, and It's Gorgeous

  • Finally, an up-close look at the new BlackBerry 8xxx/9000 series phone. Can't wait to find out when I can get my hands on one! — Engadget

  • Check out a creative all-in-one media room haven. — Unplggd

  • Janet Jackson's "Feedback (Remix)" is CNET's free MP3 of the Day!— Crave

  • HD DVDs have officially gone to the graveyard. — CrunchGear

  • Is Obama a class-act favorite on social networking sites? According to Google Trends, he is the most searched for on the net. — The Raw Feed

пятница, 28 марта 2008 г.

Sony Says Give Us $50 More and We’ll Make Your New Computer Run Better

By Jimmy Daniels of Windows Tips
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews
I couldn’t believe this when I read it this morning, but apparently Sony Computers has a new Fresh Start option, where they remove all the free trial software they install, Sony Vaio applications and games from your new computer, to free up valuable hard drive space, conserve memory [...]

Daily Tech: The Five-Step Guide For Hosting a Wii Party

  • Round up some friends, gather up those nunchucks, and follow Unplggd's checklist for hosting a Wii party. — Unplggd

  • Actress Angela Bassett loves her all-in-one iPhone. — Switched

  • The Giz guys get featured in this month's issue of Wired!— Wired

  • Sling Media may be coming to the iPhone. . . How sweet is that?! — CrunchGear

  • The retro-looking Stiloso and Grande headphones come cell phone compatible. — Chip Chick

четверг, 27 марта 2008 г.

Sony Confirms Imminent BD-Live FW Upgrade for PS3

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
BD-Live (AKA Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0) titles were released earlier this year, despite the fact that there were no players yet capable of supporting BD-Live.
Once again, the PS3 shows why it should be the Blu-ray player of choice for even non-gamers, as Firmware v2.20, which Sony says is “coming up in the [...]

Mario Kart Wii Coming April 27

For those of you waiting oh so impatiently for the Wii edition of Mario Kart, you'll have to hold your breath for only another month. Mario Kart Wii will be hitting shelves on April 27 here in the states, but lucky Japanese Wii fans can get their hands on it a whole two weeks and some odd days earlier. I hope we don't have a repeat of the delayed Super Smash Bros. Brawl release where it gets pushed back at the very last minute! I just don't know if my little heart could stand it.

Thankfully, Mario Kart Wii is coming stocked with the Wii Wheel (cause who would want to drive with the Wiimote? Not me!), although there's already sightings of some pretty impressive third-party steering wheels out there. Plus, this time we can race motorcycles and compete online with up to 12 players worldwide. Can't wait for some sweet Mario Kart action? Check out the trailer below when you

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среда, 26 марта 2008 г.

Windows Vista SP1 Now Available Via Windows Update

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
I wrote earlier that Windows Vista SP1 would ship this week, and it’s here, at least via Windows Update. We still need to wait and see if Amazon.com’s publicized March 19th release from retail still takes place.
Additionally, you can download the whole package from Microsoft’s Download Center. Remember, however, that [...]

Daily Tech: John Mayer Writes Funny Letter to Apple About an iTunes Glitch

  • Tech savvy John Mayer decided to utilize Apple's bug reporting tool by spilling the beans about his iTunes woes. — Gizmodo

  • Actress Rachael Taylor tells Switched that life needs a soundtrack, so she takes her iPod with her everywhere. — Switched

  • Although the Cuban government announced that they would lift computer and videogame console bans, they are still limiting internet access and blocking blogs. — Gadgetell

  • Two fake ads on Craigslist cost a man most of his belongings.— CrunchGear

  • Omnifone may soon be providing an all-you-can-download music service that offers subscribers access to music from major labels for only $7.50 a month. — Wired

вторник, 25 марта 2008 г.

Bleeding Edge TV 260: CES 2008 Blooper Reel

We hope you’ve all enjoyed our CES 2008 video coverage. We’ve gone through our hours of footage, and picked out some of the best bloopers that our staff experienced. We know how disappointed you all probably are to realize that we aren’t perfect, but we think you should have gathered that from the Gear Live [...]

Daily Tech: Cheryl Hines' Favorite Gadget Is Her BlackBerry

  • Cheryl Hines admits she loves her BlackBerry for email and texting, but wishes it was cuter. — Switched

  • Get your TVs, mounts, and speakers custom colored to your liking by Hü . — Unplggd

  • Two new virtual console games are available for download today. The King's Knight and Powerball, both for the Wii. — Crave

  • Virgin Mobile USA launched two new phone plans today that are super affordable.— CrunchGear

  • It's the LAST DAY to log in and take the Kindle quiz for your chance to win a new Amazon Kindle! — geeksugar


понедельник, 24 марта 2008 г.

Windows Vista SP1 to Ship This Week

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
I actually wrote about this in early March, as a footnote to a story about the price drops seen after Microsoft announced its post-SP1 release pricing structure. At that time Amazon was taking pre-orders for Windows Vista with SP1 included, and the announced availability date, as you can see, was - [...]

Love It or Leave It Extravaganza: What's Your Take?

Every couple of days I find items that teeter on this thin line of being totally amazing and slightly silly. I mean, no one really needs a Halitosis Detector, but I can't help but love the idea of it and entertained that it exists. I've put together a line up of my favorite Love It or Leave It items. Just click on the image below to share your take!

воскресенье, 23 марта 2008 г.

Airport Express 802.11n Update Accidentally Leaked

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
Apple’s usually so very careful about updating its site, generally taking it down when they introduce a new product. But the Swiss version of the Apple Store appears to have accidentally leaked information about an update to the Airport Express which adds 802.11n support.
The Airport Express is a wireless access point, [...]

суббота, 22 марта 2008 г.

P4P Aims to Speed Peer-to-Peer File Transfers, Reduce Traffic

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
I’m guessing I’m not the only one who’s never heard of P4P. That’s because it’s still being developed. The Distributed Computing Industry Association and its “P4P Working Group” is working on a new peer-to-peer protocol, called Proactive network Provider Participation for P2P or P4P. It’s described as a “carrier-grade [...]

Daily Tech: Martha Stewart Upgrades to a MacBook Air

  • Just like every other celebrity, Martha Stewart gets a new MacBook Air and decides to blog about it! — CrunchGear

  • Cab drivers in downtown Manhattan are rallying for the right to use cell phones on duty. — Textually

  • Paul Frank is now rocking rubber cases for the iPhone and iPod Touch. — Chip Chick

  • So much fun! Lifehacker just held a 2008 coolest cubicle contest. Now see who the winner is! — Lifehacker

  • Log in and take the Kindle quiz for your chance to win a new Amazon Kindle! — geeksugar

пятница, 21 марта 2008 г.

Qstarz GPS Travel Recorder: BT-Q1000 Platinum Review

By Martin Regtien
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews
Qstarz has launched an upgraded GPS Travel Recorder, BT-Q1000Platinum.
The BT-Q1000Platinum is the successor to BT-Q1000 and comes with both hardware and software upgrades.
With the kind help from the guys at Qstarz , DigitalReviews Network and William Cheong bring you a review of the BT-Q1000Platinum

Play Tunes From Your Knickers with the iBoxers

For those to wear boxer/briefs on a regular basis, and are completely obsessed with their iPod, I recommend investing in a pair of iBoxers.

Available in pink, white, turquoise, black or yellow for $19, these high-tech undies which were featured on Chip Chick will keep your MP3 player in a safe, snug pocket. Maybe I'm just not as close to my iPod as I thought, because sweatshirt pocket works just as well for me!

четверг, 20 марта 2008 г.

Security Firm Trend Micro a Victim of Latest iFrame Attacks

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
Nothing is so humorous as when the web site of a security vendor gets hacked. OK, OK, it was hilarious when the RIAA site was hacked, too. And I’ll admit: it’s probably not as funny if it’s your security vendor.
Earlier this week a massive attack on websites via iFrame was [...]

Website of the Day: MindHabits

Did you know that playing social-intelligence games can reduce stress hormones by 17 percent? That's right geeks, a video game designed by McGill University researchers can help train people to reduce the production of the stress-related hormone cortisol.

The MindHabits Trainer game is featured on the MindHabits website, which contains a whole lineup of "science-based video games designed to help players reduce stress and build self-confidence." I can't say I've seen dramatic results in my life, but the company claims the games will make you more confident in dating and reduce the stress that goes along with aging. It's gotta be worth checking out, right?

To learn how to post your favorite websites to our Website of the Day group,

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среда, 19 марта 2008 г.

AOL to Acquire Bebo for $850 Million

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
In a surprise move, Time-Warner’s AOL division on Thursday announced it has acquired Bebo for $850 million in cash. Bebo claims a global membership of about 40 million users and is the top social networking site in Ireland and New Zealand. It is No. 3 in the [...]

Get Gadget-Ready For Spring Break!

Get Gadget-Ready For Spring Break! For many University and college students, this week marks the beginning of Spring Break, a time when students head down south to partake in some serious fun in the sun action.

If you are one of the lucky ones escaping to the land of pure partying and freedom 21, aside from packing the usual sunscreen, flip-flops, and shades, I suggest throwing in a few gadget essentials!

To see my entire Spring Break gadgets and gadgets accessories list, click "start slideshow" below!
Start Slideshow

вторник, 18 марта 2008 г.

YouTube: Broadcast Yourself, Anywhere

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
Rumors flew yesterday about today’s YouTube announcement. Some thought it would be high-definition videos (long desired); others thought it would be a deal with Hulu (which would have been cool). The real announcement was an opening up of YouTube, turning it into a service that could power your own application, [...]

Daily Tech: Samsung Unveils the Miniskirt Season 2 Phone

  • The SCH-C220 "Miniskirt" phone by Samsung features a vibrating touch key and "Smile Shot," which enables automatic shots of smiling faces. — Engadget

  • Facebook is said to be launching a new instant messaging service, which could be open to the public as soon as next week. — TechCrunch

  • Check out the top five green gadgets to celebrate St.Patrick's Day with! — Shiny Shiny

  • Unplggd has compiled a list of all the creative and geek-chic products that will help you keep your computer cables nice and tidy. — Unplggd

  • Log in and take the Kindle quiz for your chances to win a new Amazon Kindle! — geeksugar


понедельник, 17 марта 2008 г.

Ink Jet Ink Now $8,000 a Gallon

By Alice Hill
I just saw $3.99 on a gas station pricing sign this weekend, and you know it’s not going to get any lower. Being an optimist, I decided to see what other fluids are even more pricey than light sweet crude. Turns out - Ink Jet ink has now reached an unbelievable $8,000 a [...]

To Smartphone or Not to Smartphone?

I'm a devout smartphone lover now, often espousing the virtues of the iPhones and the BlackBerries, but I remember the days of having a regular cell phone and thinking — I didn't need all that "junk." I just need a cell phone for calls, I thought. How young and naive I was. Then of course, I wanted a camera on my phone, so I hit that up. And it sounded nice to have email whenever I wanted too, so I started to succumb.

By the time the iPhone came out, with its gorgeous Internet interface, touchscreen, and integrated iPod, I was first in line (well, first in line when it died down a week or so later).

I can't imagine life without a smartphone now and could absolutely never go back, but I still hear the same things now that I thought before — either that you don't need "fancy" features, or worse, I know girls who say a smartphone is too "high tech" for them, which I hate! When did accessibility and convenience become equivalent with high tech? I hate overly complicated gadgets, and I think the iPhone and Blackberry are totally not.

So I want to know, do you have a smartphone or a regular cell phone? And is there something keeping you from getting a smartphone, besides the price?


воскресенье, 16 марта 2008 г.

Ultimate Travel Gadget: Belkin Mini Power Strip

By Alice Hill
Anyone who travels a lot will simply look at this device and sigh with relief. Why? Hotels are awful about providing enough power outlets near the desk - and with more and more gadgets hitting the road, it means a room strewn with charging cell phones and laptops and headsets, etc. One room [...]

Website of the Day: Ebates

How did I, online shopping Jedi, not know about Ebates?! One of my friends just turned me on to this website, which gives you both online coupons and cash back on your purchases from a ton of my favorite online stores.

For me that means Bluefly, Nordstrom, drugstore.com, as well as the Apple Store and eBags (a great destination for laptop bags).

Just sign up (it's free) and once signed in, navigate to the store you want to shop at from Ebates. Once you make a purchase, Ebates tracks it for you and sends you a check for your cash-back credit!

I've also heard good things about Fatwallet, which is similar to Ebates. Sometimes I think the universe wants me to shop.

суббота, 15 марта 2008 г.

Powermonkey eXplorer Portable Charger - Reviewed

By Martin Regtien
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews
Kevin Cheng writes:
Being no stranger to gadgets, travelling and with an almost obsessive desire to pack lightly, I am constantly on the look out for the next best thing to help reduce my gear charging burden when on the move.
Is the powermonkey eXplorer the answer to my recharging needs?
Let’s swing [...]

Geek Tip: Work Together With Screen Sharing

The first time I used iChat's Screen Sharing feature was to help my mom figure out how to attach a photo in an email. Apparently, this whole technology thing still keeps my parents entertained, 'cause they told all of their friends what went down the next day. Since then, I've used screen share to collaborate on stories, photos, and of course, help my parents figure out how to spin up their www, aka, check their emails.

A sweet little feature from OS X Leopard, is screen-sharing capabilities, which are just a click away in your system preferences (under sharing). They'll allow you and the other user to share a screen, while letting you both participate. In the past, if someone "shared" your screen, you wouldn't be able to click around on your own. But Screen Sharing not only lets you iChat, but share ideas at the same time.

It comes in pretty handy on those times when you and a co-worker need to flesh out a design, approve photos, or even troubleshoot, but aren't in the same office. I know I get good use out of it with my family alone! Just call me Geek, IT Specialist!

пятница, 14 марта 2008 г.

Sony/ATV, Apple Deny Rumors of iTunes Beatles Deal

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
Sorry, Beatles fans: two sources are throwing cold water on rumors that Paul McCartney has sold the rights to the Beatles back catalog to iTunes.
First, a denial by Sony/ATV Music Publishing, which is the joint venture owned by Sony and singer Michael Jackson. Sony/ATV owns the publishing rights to the vast [...]

Website of the Day: Faces in Places

Do you ever see something that totally reminds you of, or looks like a face? As much as you try to shake the fact that a rock or a cloud is smiling at you, you just can't? Well when TeamSugar user Calamari sent Faces in Places to me, I couldn't get over how many recognizable human faces there are on everyday things. I'm already addicted to this site, and can't help but check out all the new photos of faces in places. Trust me, the more faces you see, the more visible they will become — kinda like a sixth "faces in places" sense!

To learn how to post your favorite websites to our Website of the Day group,

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четверг, 13 марта 2008 г.

McCartney Signs Deal with iTunes for Beatles Catalog: Report

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
If nothing else, it appears that the contentious divorce between Paul McCartney and Heather Mills has led to one good result - well, not for either of them, but for music fans. McCartney has authorized the release of the Beatles’ back catalog on iTunes in a deal that is valued at [...]

Daily Tech: BlackBerry Devices to Get DRM-Free Music

  • This April, Puretracks will be launching a BlackBerry music store that will be initially available on the Pearl, Curve, and 8800 series handsets. — The Boy Genius Report

  • Parents are said to be gaining inspiration from text message and Google for selecting baby names. — Yahoo! Tech

  • Since its unveiling last week, Apple is said to have more than 100,000 iPhone software development kits downloaded. — Gizmodo

  • Zara from Shiny Shiny checks out the new YP-S2 pebble MP3 players from Samsung. — Shiny Shiny

  • The LG Glimmer, which comes with a slide-out keypad and touchscreen, becomes available on Alltel tomorrow. — CrunchGear

среда, 12 марта 2008 г.

Circuit City Extends Return Time for HD-DVD Players

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
Some retailers have been offering credits or trade-ins for returns of HD-DVD players, but you always need to buy a new Blu-ray player in exchange. Circuit City is going them one better, extending its 30-day return policy to 90 days for HD-DVD players.
Of course, since the avalanche of bad HD-DVD news [...]

Daily Tech: See All Your Web Searches With SearchMe

  • A cool new search engine called SearchMe allows you to see your search results before clicking on them. — TechCrunch

  • MySong software from Microsoft Research will generate a musical accompaniment to go along with your vocals. — Gizmodo

  • Alltel has joined the 99 club by offering a nationwide unlimited calling plan for $99.99 a month. — Crave

  • Check out 10 of the latest and greatest Google street view images to hit the web. — Switched

  • Newsweek tech columnist Stephen Levy accidentally had his MacBook Air tossed out with the newspapers. — Valleywag

вторник, 11 марта 2008 г.

Denver Airport Censors Its Free Wi-Fi Network

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
I suppose you could say that since it’s their wi-fi network, and since it’s free, they can do whatever they want with it. But some of the sites that Denver International Airport is choosing to block are not what I would consider racy.
It should be noted that Denver International Airport is the [...]

Wiebetech RTX External SATA Drive Enclosure - Reviewed

By Martin Regtien
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews
The hard drive enclosure market is cluttered with offerings, most of which are barely differentiable from each other except in looks.
So what makes Wiebetech’s RTX series stand out from the crowd?
Kevin Cheng from DigitalReviews gets to try out the RTX-100H-Q enclosure - thanks to Wiebetech.

Daily Tech: Mark Zuckerberg Gets Grilled at SXSW

  • Check out footage from the Sarah Lacy/Mark Zuckerberg interview from SXSW this past weekend. Things went from bad to worse. — ValleyWag

  • A new BlackBerry social networking site called Dipdive focuses on politics and, more specifically, on presidential candidate Barack Obama. — BB Geeks

  • AT&T is now offering an unlimited calling plan for the iPhone, which costs $120. — IntoMobile

  • With LogMeIn Free, you can connect to your PC from any other PC for free. — Crave

  • What would be the best iPhone application ever? A LEGO-touch app, which allows you to build LEGO creations on your phone. — Core77

понедельник, 10 марта 2008 г.

Microsoft Opens “Office Live Workspace” to the Public

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
I first wrote about Office Live Workspace when pre-registration opened in early October. At the time it was a very limited beta open to select few registered participants, but as of late Monday it was opened up to the general public.
Go to the Office Live Workspace site to sign up.
Still in [...]

Bust Out Your Inner Annie Leibovitz With the Tabletop Photo Studio

Tired of smoothing out your white sheet to take a good picture of something you want to put up on Craigslist or eBay? I myself have found the perfect lighting and surface on my white table at home, but I'm pretty over it, so I love this mini Tabletop Photo Studio!

You don't have to fuss with a sheet, the light, anything — for just $30, you get pretty professional-looking results. I'm not even as taken with the convenience of this, as I am the adorableness of it too. It's so little! It's so cute! So put those cute shoes you never wore up in the mix, turn up "Vogue", and get snapping. Also totally works for Barbie and puppy photo shoots (they are so vain).

воскресенье, 9 марта 2008 г.

Qingbar GP300 Wireless Video Glasses — Exclusive Hands-On Review

By Martin Regtien
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews
DigitalReviews has the pleasure of bringing you an exclusive hands-on review of the world’s first wireless video glasses with built-in media player - a totally hands free, mobile private cinema screen viewable through a pair of glasses together with hi-fi audio through high quality earphones.
As YellowMosquito describes it, the Qingbar GP3000 [...]

Philips Super Sexy Retro-Styled Camera

The saying may be "beauty doesn't come cheap," but for this camera, it certainly does! For only $50 you can pick yourself up one of these ultra-thin sleek black cameras by Philips.

Here's the thing, it's a 3-megapixel camera, so you're not going be able to blow your pictures up to life size. But if you're looking for a camera that takes nice 4-x-6-inch photos that are quick and easy to share via email, this cam is for you!

Not your color? Check out a wide variety of other Philips digital cameras.

суббота, 8 марта 2008 г.

Nine Inch Nails Uploads New Album to BitTorrent Sites

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
Nine Inch Nails has released its new album, Ghosts I-IV, online and in a somewhat Radiohead-eque way. You’ll recall Radiohead released its In Rainbows album with “you” naming the price. Nine Inch Nails doesn’t go quite that far, but it’s still the sort of experimentation more bands should be trying [...]

Geek Tip: Organize Your Library With Delicious Monster

So lets say you have a trillion books that you've been collecting over the years (well, maybe not a trillion). Wouldn't it be great if you could have a virtual library where you can categorize, get recommendations for similar reads, sell your goods on Amazon, and even check out books to your friends — complete with a handy reminder of when to start pestering them to take their books back? It would be awesome, right?

Well, Delicious Monster has arrived to fulfill all of the above criteria. Using your Macs built-in iSight or a Bluetooth scanner, simply scan the bar code on the back of your books, and Delicious Monster will start creating your very own virtual library. To find out more, just

read more

пятница, 7 марта 2008 г.

Dell told Microsoft about Vista issues

By Chief Gadgeteer, Gizmos for Geeks
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews.
I knew it. Vista simply wasn’t ready for prime time. Some internal documents that emerged from a class-action lawsuit over Vista Capable illustrated that hardware vendor, Dell, pushed back on Microsoft to fix issues with Vista before launching. Microsoft knew fully well of Dell’s feedback as early as [...]

Daily Tech: How Many Recording Devices Can You Count?

  • Reporters on Sen. Barack Obama's campaign plane were all geared up with gadgets before taking off in San Antonio, TX. — Gawker

  • Looks like the free WiFi in Denver's airport may not be so glamorous after all, since it utilizes censorship technology that bans racy websites (which aren't that racy). — Computer World

  • A guy decides to hack into a DS copy of Bejeweled to create a cute digital wedding proposal. — Kotaku

  • Get the most from your money. Check out 10 of the biggest bang for your buck on gadgets. — Switched

  • It has been awhile, but there is a new red and pink Hello Kitty branded phone on the market. — Chip Chick


четверг, 6 марта 2008 г.

Intel Announces “Atom” Branding for Silverthorne CPUs

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
You can stop using the code name Silverthorne. On Sunday Intel announced the new branding for its upcoming low-power CPUs; Silverthorne and its derivatives will now be called Atom.
The new branding will include both Silverthorne for ultra mobile devices and Diamondville for desktops and notebooks (in the Asus Eee PC style).
Intel’s [...]

Daily Tech: Confess Your Tetris Love Via a Homemade Skirt

  • Score one of these sexy Tetris skirts on Etsy for $45 — Kotaku

  • Get a refurbished TiVo HD unit for only $180 with three months of free service (today only) — Crave

  • Nike and Apple are said to be working with several gym equipment manufacturers so members can plug their iPods directly into cardio equipment — AOL News

  • All the new Beatles songs are now available on ivideosongs, making it the first website to offer completely legal Beatles content available for download — The Gadget Blog

  • Protect your Flickr images from potential thieves with PhotoShelter — Wired

среда, 5 марта 2008 г.

Yahoo! Redefines the “Power Lunch”

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
Yahoo! has launched its first ever “Green Screen.” It’s an interactive energy monitoring touch screen display located in Yahoo!’s URL cafeteria at its Sunnyvale headquarters.
Last year Yahoo! launched Yahoo! Green, while at the same time pledging to become carbon neutral. On the Green Screen, data can be viewed in [...]

Daily Tech: The 9-inch ASUS Eee PC Gets Put On Display at CeBIT

  • Both Linux and Windows XP versions of the ASUS Eee PC were showcased at CeBIT this week. Engadget

  • Snoop Dogg chats with Switched about the iPhone, Slingbox, and explains why he loves his Mac. Switched

  • What do you get when you cover a MacBook Air with black Swarovski crystals? An extremely tacky, not to mention heavy Air, all for the price of $40,000. Shiny Shiny

  • The co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, Gary Gygax, died earlier this morning from a combination of health problems. CrunchGear

  • Steven Spielberg is preparing to launch a social network site for people to share paranormal and extraterrestrial experiences. TechCrunch

  • Apple TV, Vudu, and the Xbox 360 — Which is better? Find out what video-download option will work best for your needs. Gizmodo

вторник, 4 марта 2008 г.

Microsoft Cuts Vista Prices in Hopes of Spurring Adoption

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
As we close in on the public release of Windows Vista SP1, Microsoft has taken what’s likely an unprecedented step: it’s cut the prices of many of the retail versions of the OS. The timing is obvious: Microsoft has been betting heavily on SP1 as many corporations have been waiting to [...]

Daily Tech: LG Unveils the New Shine Gold Cell Phone

  • Techfresh shows off the sexy new L705iX shine gold cell phone.

  • The Boy Genius Report learns that Sprint's unlimited plan cannot be applied to Blackberries.

  • Engadget reveals that the MacBook Air is selling like hot cakes.

  • Valleywag explains how Wikipedia creator Jimmy Wales broke up with his girlfriend via Wikipedia.

  • Fox News says that Apple may release its 3G phone this Summer.

  • Switched takes a look at the world's littlest laptops.

  • Kotaku dishes on video-game and music sales in the UK, which show more Brits are gamers than music lovers.

понедельник, 3 марта 2008 г.

JotSpot Returns as “Google Sites”

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
JotSpot was acquired by Google in October 2006, and since then it’s basically disappeared. Last night, however, Google added a new service to Google Apps: Google Sites, incorporating the JotSpot tech, though it looks nothing like the original product.
The original JotSpot site described their product as:
JotSpot’s wiki allows you to create [...]

One Week in Geek

One Week in GeekAs my Texan relatives say: Whoo-wee! It was quite a week for geeks. Socks were rocked off repeatedly — first by Jon Stewart as the Oscars' geekiest host in history, then with previews for The Hills and Sex and the City: The Movie, the best Star Wars synopsis EVER, and oh yeah, did I mention that we broke that amazing MacBook Pro rumor?!

Exhale, relax, and put up your feet for the weekend as you click through the best moments of this week!
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воскресенье, 2 марта 2008 г.

Bleeding Edge TV 259: Reactrix WAVEscape gesture panel

Have you ever wanted to play your Wii without having to have that pesky Wiimote in your hand? Reactrix hopes that their WAVEscape product might come close to providing that experience. We got a look at it during CES. The WAVEscape contains a camera that can track the motion of multiple people, distinguishing each person [...]

Website of the Day: GetSatisfaction

Got something to say? Some clickin' and complainin' to do? Head over to GetSatisfaction and search out the retailers you have a beef with. Often times someone got there before you with the same question or complaint, and it's already been posted by another user and solved.

It's a great way to vent and find possible recourse (there's a whole thread on finding a Wii if you're still having problems finding one, even) — have I ever espoused the virtues of venting and how therapeutic it is?! No? Well I am now. Go get your grievance on.

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суббота, 1 марта 2008 г.

Electronic Arts’ $2 Billion Offer for Take-Two: Rejected!

By Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
Shades of another takeover bid we’ve been discussing - a lot - lately. On Sunday, Electronic Arts announced it has offered $2 billion in cash for Take-Two Interactive Software, best known for - what else? - Grand Theft Auto. Anyone want some Hot Coffee?
It didn’t take long for a response. [...]

Download of The Day: FoxyTunes

Oh, how I hate tabbing back and forth from Firefox to iTunes. It just takes so much time! If you're a geek, you know our goal is to make things easier for ourselves, not to control + tab our life away. Thankfully, we have FoxyTunes, to allow us to control our music player — right from the convenience of our browser.

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