суббота, 15 марта 2008 г.

Geek Tip: Work Together With Screen Sharing

The first time I used iChat's Screen Sharing feature was to help my mom figure out how to attach a photo in an email. Apparently, this whole technology thing still keeps my parents entertained, 'cause they told all of their friends what went down the next day. Since then, I've used screen share to collaborate on stories, photos, and of course, help my parents figure out how to spin up their www, aka, check their emails.

A sweet little feature from OS X Leopard, is screen-sharing capabilities, which are just a click away in your system preferences (under sharing). They'll allow you and the other user to share a screen, while letting you both participate. In the past, if someone "shared" your screen, you wouldn't be able to click around on your own. But Screen Sharing not only lets you iChat, but share ideas at the same time.

It comes in pretty handy on those times when you and a co-worker need to flesh out a design, approve photos, or even troubleshoot, but aren't in the same office. I know I get good use out of it with my family alone! Just call me Geek, IT Specialist!

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