понедельник, 17 марта 2008 г.

To Smartphone or Not to Smartphone?

I'm a devout smartphone lover now, often espousing the virtues of the iPhones and the BlackBerries, but I remember the days of having a regular cell phone and thinking — I didn't need all that "junk." I just need a cell phone for calls, I thought. How young and naive I was. Then of course, I wanted a camera on my phone, so I hit that up. And it sounded nice to have email whenever I wanted too, so I started to succumb.

By the time the iPhone came out, with its gorgeous Internet interface, touchscreen, and integrated iPod, I was first in line (well, first in line when it died down a week or so later).

I can't imagine life without a smartphone now and could absolutely never go back, but I still hear the same things now that I thought before — either that you don't need "fancy" features, or worse, I know girls who say a smartphone is too "high tech" for them, which I hate! When did accessibility and convenience become equivalent with high tech? I hate overly complicated gadgets, and I think the iPhone and Blackberry are totally not.

So I want to know, do you have a smartphone or a regular cell phone? And is there something keeping you from getting a smartphone, besides the price?


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