четверг, 27 марта 2008 г.

Mario Kart Wii Coming April 27

For those of you waiting oh so impatiently for the Wii edition of Mario Kart, you'll have to hold your breath for only another month. Mario Kart Wii will be hitting shelves on April 27 here in the states, but lucky Japanese Wii fans can get their hands on it a whole two weeks and some odd days earlier. I hope we don't have a repeat of the delayed Super Smash Bros. Brawl release where it gets pushed back at the very last minute! I just don't know if my little heart could stand it.

Thankfully, Mario Kart Wii is coming stocked with the Wii Wheel (cause who would want to drive with the Wiimote? Not me!), although there's already sightings of some pretty impressive third-party steering wheels out there. Plus, this time we can race motorcycles and compete online with up to 12 players worldwide. Can't wait for some sweet Mario Kart action? Check out the trailer below when you

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