пятница, 7 марта 2008 г.

Daily Tech: How Many Recording Devices Can You Count?

  • Reporters on Sen. Barack Obama's campaign plane were all geared up with gadgets before taking off in San Antonio, TX. — Gawker

  • Looks like the free WiFi in Denver's airport may not be so glamorous after all, since it utilizes censorship technology that bans racy websites (which aren't that racy). — Computer World

  • A guy decides to hack into a DS copy of Bejeweled to create a cute digital wedding proposal. — Kotaku

  • Get the most from your money. Check out 10 of the biggest bang for your buck on gadgets. — Switched

  • It has been awhile, but there is a new red and pink Hello Kitty branded phone on the market. — Chip Chick


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