вторник, 5 февраля 2008 г.

Daily Tech: Apple Adds a 32GB iPod Touch to Its Lineup

  • The Apple site was down last night . . . Why? Because Apple unveiled a 16GB iPhone and 32GB iPod Touch this morning. Both cost $499. — CrunchGear

  • Googlers get stranded at the airport while on their way to Disneyland for a company trip. — Valleywag

  • Considering buying a new laptop? Here are five things to keep in mind when laptop shopping. — Switched

  • Presidential candidates reveal whether they are PC or Mac users. — Yahoo!

  • Is Motorola's new teaser video giving us clues about its upcoming Z12 media phone? — Ubergizmo

  • Log in and take the Centro by Palm quiz to win a pretty in pink Centro Smartphone! — geeksugar

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