четверг, 21 февраля 2008 г.

Daily Tech: Sony's New M-Series LCD TVs Offer Mix 'n' Match Colored Frames

  • Sony has updated its Bravias with two M-Series LCD TVs that you can get with various rainbow-colored frames. — Gizmodo

  • Switched lists 10 of the dumbest USB computer accessories ever made. Too funny! — Switched

  • If you like the MacBook Air but are bummed out about how it lacks certain features, check out a list of other high-end ultraportable laptops that may do the trick. — Crave

  • Starting next Monday, San Francisco commuters may get to take a ride on the new "Connected Bus," a new bus featuring free WiFi and touchscreen map walls. — Engadget

  • Log in and take the Centro quiz to win a sleek white GSM quad-band Centro by Palm! — geeksugar

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