вторник, 19 февраля 2008 г.

Daily Tech: Dell Inspiron 1525 Gets Ubuntu Linux

  • Dell has just added the Inspiron 1525 to their Ubuntu 7.10 lineup and it is set to arrive in the US later this month. — Gizmodo

  • Is it true? Is there finally a way to completely delete your Facebook profile? — The New York Times

  • The best PSPhone mock-up design has been unveiled, and it looks glorious. — Kotaku

  • The cute, little green-and-white OLPC laptop was actually spotted in the hands of someone riding the subway in NYC. — Consumerist

  • Apple has cut the price of the shuffle from $79 to $49 for the 1GB model. Stay tuned for a 2GB model, which is set to be available later this month for $69. — CrunchGear

  • Seven Mary Three's Jason Ross talks tech with AOL's Switched. — Switched

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