среда, 13 февраля 2008 г.

Daily Tech: Nokia Introduces the Enviro-Friendly "Remade"

  • Nokia is trying to keep up with the times and, in doing so, has created a cell phone made entirely from recycled materials. — Engadget

  • Lily Allen gets a free MacBook Air and decides to blog about it. — Shiny Shiny

  • Mozilla has just released its latest upgrade for Firefox, Firefox 3 Beta 3, which comes with a slew of new upgrades. — Lifehacker

  • CNN's morning producer Chez Pazienza was fired yesterday for what he wrote in his personal blog. No surprises there! — Valleywag

  • Watch DVDs on your iPod, iPhone, PSP, etc. with HandBrake, an open-source utility. — Crave

  • TeamSugar user macgirl informs us that Apple is now offering recycling programs for computers, iPods, and cellphones. — Technology and Gadgets Channel

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