среда, 6 февраля 2008 г.

Daily Tech: Sony Unveils Teeny New XDV-D500 TV

  • Another new pocket-friendly gadget, Sony's new XDV-D500 features a 3-inch screen and a 432 x 240 pixel resolution display and has a battery life of eight hours. — Engadget

  • Wondering who Silicon Valley is rooting for in the elections? Microsoft is supporting Hillary, while Google and Yahoo are for Barack Obama. — Wired

  • Sprint launches an unlimited access plan, which is available now and costs $119 before taxes. — Boy Genius Report

  • Apple's new iPhone ad includes a rare appearance by Facebook. Talk about prime marketing real estate! — Valleywag

  • Apple co-founder founders Steve Wozniak creates a brief how-to video explaining the basics of playing Segway Polo. — Cult of Mac

  • Log in and take the Centro quiz to win a pretty in pink Centro by Palm! — geeksugar

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