пятница, 14 декабря 2007 г.

Luxurious Geek: Stella McCartney Patent Camera Bag

Designers at Armani, Prada, and Gucci aren't the only fashion-forwarded types to realize geek is chic — Stella McCartney has an amazing Losina Patent Camera Bag, that's a real cut above the usual camera tote. The bag measures 11 inches wide by 7 inches (it's also 6 inches deep, so it's perfect for those of us who use an SLR camera) and is covered with silver metal accents. The front of the bag has a hidden slot pocket behind the buckle/belt treatment, with a secure magnetic closure. Stella is a strict vegetarian so the bag is actually fabric covered with a patent finish. It's on sale for $400 (down from $1,235). Hey Santa? Is it too late to add this to my list? I promise I've been a very good girl.

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