воскресенье, 20 января 2008 г.

Would You Rent Music on iTunes?

With Macworld 2008 just about wrapped-up and put away, we're left to reflect on what we won't be getting from Apple this year (just check out your comments on what the MacBook Air left out)! The New York Times couldn't help but ask if Steve Jobs has abandoned his thought that people want to own their content, as evidenced by his embracing rentals of movies on iTunes for Apple TV. If this is the case then why hasn't he done the same for music?

The article points out that the same technology that enables movie rentals for Apple TV is also found in newer iPods, so why can't we rent songs and albums? Whether it would be unpopular or not, Apple has made the decision for us. I think most of the time, I would want to own my music, especially at just 99 cents a song, but renting music could be a throwback to the days when we borrowed our friends' CDs for a week to test them out. So tell me what you think — Would you rent music or would you rather own it?

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