вторник, 1 января 2008 г.

Daily Tech: The DS Tops Lifetime Sales of PS2 in Japan

  • The Nintendo DS which launched in 2004 is so popular in Japan that it has already outsold the Playstation 2 which launched in 2000. — Kotaku

  • The first app for Googlephones has just launched in beta, and it's called WhatsOpen.com. — Valleywag

  • FYI: The TSA isn't allowing any more loose non-rechargeable lithium batteries in checked luggage. . . good times. — The Consumerist

  • A girl unwraps an Apple box on Christmas to find a random note instead of an iPod. — Engadget

  • Check out a full video demo of Apple iPhone firmware 1.1.3 features. — Gizmodo

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