среда, 30 января 2008 г.

Daily Tech: Kiss Dell Kiosks Good-Bye

  • Dell announced today that it will be closing 140 kiosks to focus on direct and retail business. — CrunchGear

  • This is pure genius. Domino's now offers an online pizza tracking system that's accurate to 40 seconds! — Consumerist

  • Apple announces that the MacBook Air is now shipping but that the Apple TV is delayed by a week or two. — Crave

  • Meet the MacBook Paper. The thinnest, tiniest, paper thin laptop. — Cult of Mac

  • GreenPrint is a handy download (for PC's only) that will help you print less, saving ink, trees and money. — Unplggd

  • Check out a "hands-on" demo of the Playstation Portable firmware that comes Skype compatible! — Kotaku

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