среда, 16 января 2008 г.

Geek Tip: Gridskipper's Gossip Girl Guide to New York

Look for Winter to get a lot colder Upper East Siders — Gossip Girl is not returning with any new episodes until the writers' strike is resolved. Until then, Gridskipper has created an interactive map for you lonely boys and girls, The Gossip Girl Guide to New York.

Whether you live in NYC, have a trip planned soon, or are merely enjoying the high life from your Second Life, you can see the real-life sites of Gossip Girl characters. Most of the hot cellphone-on-cellphone action takes place on the streets of New York and with this guide you'll be able to check out the cafe where Dan has his laptop sojourns, the historic Met where a juicy tip is discovered on a PDA, as well as the burlesque club where Blair performs the striptease that leads to her downfall.

And until the real Gossip Girl logs back on, get your fix with our past Gossip Girl tech quizzes!

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