понедельник, 15 октября 2007 г.

This Week on Geeksugar - All About 3D Glasses, Video Games and Burning iPods

  • On October 31st, Regis and Kelly will be taking their Halloween spirit to a whole new geeky level by hosting Live in 3D! You can even get free glasses for the big event.

  • The weather may be getting cooler, but things in the gaming industry are just starting to heat up! Check out the roundup of hot video games for Fall.

  • I get to check out a small army of laptop bags and sleeves, but that doesn't mean I've ever found the right one. I need your help finding a laptop bag that's work appropriate.

  • Most of us can't solve the Rubik's Cube with our hands, but Anssi Vanhala can solve it with his feet. Life really isn't fair.

  • If you didn't win our iPhone giveaway last week, you can try your chances at winning one of five Motorola RAZR2 phones. We all know Becks loves his RAZR2, so you'll probably love it too!

  • According to the New York Times, an increased amount of single parents are using online dating as a means to meet new people. Why are more single parents finding love online?

  • Do you sing in the shower? You might want to pick up a Moon Light Shower Radio. It's pretty magical.

  • Ever looked at the Internet from a global perspective? Chris Harrison has and it's nothing short of amazing.

  • This season of The Hills is almost over, but that doesn't mean I'm ready to stop my infamous Hills Tech quizzes.

  • Honestly, have you ever had your iPod stolen?

  • I'm still talking about the man whose iPod caught on fire in his pants. Luckily, he wasn't hurt.

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