среда, 10 октября 2007 г.

Geek Tip: Stay Tuned for Trillian for Mac Users

For those of you who are eagerly anticipating the release of Trillian for Macs, Cerulean Studios has just announced that it is in the process of developing a Mac OS X port for its software. Discussed on Mashable, Trillian for Macs will include all the features from the Windows, Flash and iPhone versions— allowing a user to load one program for multiple IM chat clients. So for those of you who want a change from Adium, Trillian may be your answer. Trillian for Macs is set to be released in the upcoming months when the user interface improves. Do you know a great shortcut or tip you think geeksugar readers should know? Share it in our 'How To' Help - Guide To All Things Geeky group,

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